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From: The IM Wealth Builders Team
Subject: How To Double Your Social Traffic In 7 Seconds Or Less

Social sharing is quickly becoming one of the most important factors when Google and other search engines consider how high your blog should rank.

To put it simply... The more people sharing your content the more important you look to Google.

And every time someone shares one of your blog posts you get a backlink right?

That part is actually wrong!

And I'll show you why in a bit - but first we have to talk a little bit about Facebook.

Most people think that Facebook is the biggest social sharing site in the world - and of course it is...

But at the same time Facebook only accounts for 25% of all Social sharing on the internet!

So what's the biggest method of social sharing?

The answer surprised me at first - but after thinking about it - it made perfect sense.

There are about 1 billion people in the world with a Facebook account - but what is the single tool that every internet user has?

The answer is of course... an email account - and that's why:

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